Should You Get Braces?

Do you think that braces are only for teenagers? Think again.

The power of a smile can help you feel more confident at any age. Are fears of a painful, bulky, metal mouth holding you back from braces? Here at Orthodontic Arts there are several reasons why we think you should reconsider braces.

1. According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 40% of women and 35% of men agree that an imperfect smile makes someone less appealing than a person with a perfect smile.

2. 71% of women and 58% of men agree that teeth are the first thing they notice in a potential partner.

3. 8 in 10 adults who got braces felt they lives where positively affected.

So what’s stopping you?

Many adults believe that braces are unsightly and bulky. Today’s metal brackets are much smaller than in years past.  And thanks to clear, aesthetic braces, you can show off your smile instead of your braces during treatment. We are proud of to offer clear braces as well as clear aligner treatments which don’t use any braces attached to the teeth. We use both Invisalign and ClearCorrect to solve the insecurity of having an unattractive mouth.

Treatment times are faster than ever due to technical advances in orthodontic materials.  Your time in braces will be based on the amount of tooth movement needed.  Call us today for a free consultation to see how long we believe you will need your braces for! It might be shorter than what you think.

We are proud to offer flexible payment plans to help fit the cost of braces into your budget. Also, make sure you check with your insurance provider to see how much they will cover – some cover as much as half of the cost!

We have the latest advanced technologies that make braces less invasive and less painful. Straightening your teeth with braces or clear aligners can actually prevent pain by properly aligning your bite.

Getting braces can give you better facial balance and aesthetics, a full and wide smile and fewer dark corridors within the corners of your mouth! Braces can help smooth cheek contours which make narrow smiles look fuller and more inviting. We want to give you straighter and less crowded teeth. Now that’s something to smile about!


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