AcceleDent® Aura is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment with only 20 minutes daily use.

  • AcceleDent AuraBy inserting the mouthpiece around your existing orthodontics and wearing the activator for 20 minutes everyday, AcceleDent Aura can speed up tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse Technology®.
  • Faster tooth movement may decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment and may help to make your orthodontics more comfortable.
  • It is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device.

We often have patients who come in to Orthodontic Arts to discuss straightening their teeth who are concerned about the length of time that the orthodontic treatment will take.  Adults are especially anxious to have their teeth straightened quickly. Read more – “Want Straight Teeth Fast?